First in a series of 3 very limited shirts in my “Talisman” series.

Most “designer” clothing is created today with very little regard for the quality, exhibits an overall lack of thought weighed against the repercussions of it’s creation, and most importantly – no meaning.

I’m an avid consumer of all things ancient and draw a lot of inspiration from the mysticism and rituals of old.

“…To the Pythagoreans, the point and circle represented eternity, whose “centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.” The point and the circle can be expressed as the same substance as potential (the point or monad) and as fully manifest (the circle.) Alchemically, the point in the circle represents the sun and philosophic gold.

The alchemical/magical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, symbolizing downward flow. The downward pointing triangle is an ancient symbol of femininity”

I’ve combined the circumpunct at the inverted triangle to create my own sigil of balance, manifested via a heat transfer print on 100% Canadian cotton shirt that has been carefully manufactured by a Canadian fashion designer.

Initial illustration rendered with pencil, brush tip & krink markers then scanned and retouched/colored in photoshop.

More info on these soon.

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Interactive online documentary based on the life and death of a bear in Banff National Park.

Functioned as the Interactive Art Director and one of the main designers throughout the course of development on the project and was the main proponent of the “Glitch” style effects used throughout.

This was definitely a unique project, there were quite a number of extremely difficult design challenges in terms of dealing with the
length and amount of content to be consumed by the user.

Fun fact: From start to end the project took just over a year.

As a sister to the site, an installation was premiered and featured at the 2012 Sundance film festival.

This project was recently featured in Wired magazine and has been making its rounds on the inspiration sites, blogs and award portals (Nabbed March 1/2012 FWA).

role: Interactive Art Director, Designer

agency: Jam3 /

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Online portfolio/experience and identity for the immensely talented and world renowned photographer Dean West.

The chance to work on a site with content as incredibly stunning as this comes very, very seldomly. Based on the fact that the photography to be exhibited
was of such high caliber, the decision was made to instead focus on creating a shell in which to contain and properly compliment the photography without getting in the way or overpowering it.

Branding cues were added along with meticulously animated yet subtle effects, rounded off by a new and playful spin on the grid system.

The reaction to this site was overwhelming – with features in Adobe’s the Edge of Flash, .net magazines best flash sites of 2011 and the gamut of online awards portals including theFWA.

I’ll end with an excerpt from Rob Ford of theFWA – “I have always been a big fan of photography portfolio sites, and we have seen so many of them over the years. There’s a new wave of fairly nice HMTL5 photography portfolios coming through, but this site for award-winning photographer Dean West shows us just how much Flash technology has to offer in delivering a highly impactful and unforgettable portfolio. With stunning transitions and full-size photography, this has to be one of the best photography portfolios I have seen in several years.”

role: Interactive Art Director & Lead Designer

agency: Jam3 /

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Alvin Risk (signed to Steve Aoki’s DIMMAK and Skrillex’s OWSLA – also known as telemetrik) first came on my radar a couple of years back due to a random soundcloud find.

We became internet friends and eventually ended up hanging out and talking about stage visuals (What else?) at one of his recent Toronto shows.

Since then, I’ve acted as the general overseer of art and tech for his on stage visuals, as well as contributed design work to his latest EP “Psychotic”.

The overarching idea was to create a turn-key type of system that removed the need and subsequent cost of travelling with a lighting/vj crew.

The first iteration came in early January with the help of Scott Chimliewski at Digital Media Designs. A High End software Catalyst system was rapidly implemented for Alvin’s recent string of shows on the Deadmeat tour in support of Steve Aoki and Datsik. An hour of content was created, midi synced and triggered by an Ableton rig, then run through a mega-bright 8×4-panel transparent LED wall – the results of which you can see in the videos to your left.

A system powered by touchdesigner is currently under development and will be implemented for a very large European tour later this year. It will be awesome.

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I’ve been an avid user of Beatport for many years and had dreamed many times of redesigning it. When Teehan+Lax approached us with the request of art direction and high end design help on the new, shiny – I became excited.

The old flash version (while having served its purpose amicably for nearly a decade) was in need of a serious update.

Done over the intense period of just over a month, there was a lot of ground to cover. In addition to the design of the rest of the site (With John, Nelson and Jon of Teehan+Lax), my main focus was on the redesign of the player and the overall function/design of a new Beatport endeavor: the DJ Profile. (which was very recently rolled out with a beta system to world class dj’s)

The launch of the new site was met with a very positive response from their userbase as well as that of the general online music community.

While browsing their infinite back catalogues, I still find myself going “Holy F$#k, I worked on all of this” – and I couldn’t be happier.

role: Interactive Art Direction, Design

Agency: Jam3, Teehan+Lax

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View on a mobile device (preferably iPad or iPhone)

When I joined Jam3 as their Senior Art Director in late 2010, they were very close to being finished their new site (currently online) and were in need of a similarly elegant and tastefully executed (Hey, it’s my portfolio, I can give myself a pat on the back!) mobile solution.

The result was a deviation of the flash design into something a bit more colorful, usable and mobile friendly.

I’ve worked on many iPhone/mobile apps and websites before, but nothing prepared me for the awful world of scorn that awaits anyone trying to make a website behave like an iOS app.

I’m very pleased with the outcome, but let’s just say I haven’t forgiven the iPad yet.

role: Interactive Art Director, Lead Designer

agency: Jam3

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I created this shirt as a prize/incentive for The Defector’s Kickstarter campaign – Ann Shin’s upcoming documentary on the trials and tribulations of those risking their lives to escape from North Korea in pursuit of a better life.

In the event that the campaign was successful (Which it was! Congrats Ann!) people who had donated over $50 would receive one of three designer shirts done by 3 different artists, one of which being myself.

The shirt was my representation of the now deceased and incessantly mocked Kim Jong Il. I felt while most artists enjoyed making light of his atrocities (via caricatures and funny tumblr’s of him dropping the bass) I wanted to create a piece that exposed what I believed to be his true nature – An incredibly twisted and brutal dictator with no regard for the lives of his people or anyone else for that matter.

This was experimental for me as I had never played around with discharge or heat transfer printing – Overall I’m extremely happy with the results.

Should you be interested in purchasing one of these, all proceeds minus material and printing cost will be donated to appropriate organizations supporting North Korean defectors. They are $50 a shirt, contact me if you’d like one.

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CD package design created for The Birthday Massacre’s “Walking With Strangers” LP.

The point of view was that of someone/something sinister hiding and watching these children playing outside of their school from between the trees. They are wearing the rabbit ears as sort of a talisman or symbol – even though they may not know each other, the ears are what they have in common and therefore they can come together for strength in numbers against the sinister being or force (Perhaps even becoming that force themselves)

This project is responsible for one of my personal records: “The widest PSD in all of my photoshop history” – due to the inner booklet being a 15000px wide cloud/sky painting.

Created in collaboration with Vincent Marcone (mypetskeleton)

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Release artwork for a personal mix series.

All textures and visuals (except type) were created by hand using various materials and techniques (sumi-e, heavy ink mixed with gravel/wood dust, etc), scanned & photographed then composited in Photoshop.

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In November of 2011, We at Jam3 decided to throw a massive gallery/drinkfest in celebration of the collaboration between us and Dean West.

The result was a photography exhibition of our agency process, hence the name.

With Dean West providing insanely detailed, incredibly large and extremely entertaining interpretations of our process, I was responsible for art directing and designing two interactive visualizations in addition to making sure the overall party was on brand.

Placards, whiskey menus and invites were designed.

A Kinect body/limb tracking application that induced spontaneous crowd dancing was designed and executed on a huge rear projection screen.

An audio reactive and completely generative fractal visualizer was enjoyed thoroughly by the dj and his magic filter (Wooooooosh!)

…and the worst hangover I have ever experienced was endured. (Thanks Glenmorangie!)

role: Art Direction, Lead Designer

agency: Jam3.

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View the archived and unlocked version here

The Secret Device is an enigmatic, steampunk combination lock created as the main interaction point of Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy 2 alternate reality game.

Over the series of 12 weeks, followers of the game would be presented with clues and puzzles that would reveal to them a series of 3 numbers (Combinations) to dial into this device.
They would subsequently be given clues and each week have to find a new combination.

Ultimately, I don’t think more than about a hundred people made it past the 2nd level – This fact really bums me out as extreme amounts of time and polish were put into some incredible 3d animations and content presentations. I encourage you to visit the archive link at the top of this post as I’ve added some cheat buttons to allow you to see all of the animations.

Regardless, this project was incredible to work on and still is (in my opinion) one of the most unique pieces of interactive design I’ve ever managed to create.

role: Interactive Art Direction, Lead Designer

agency: mypetskeleton

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Pre-vis/Early design work for The Defector. Previously known as Pyongyang Express it is an online, interactive experience based on the forthcoming documentary directed by Ann Shin

The interactive POV world will place you in the shoes of a North Korean defector who has decided to flee for a better life.

Through the first-hand accounts, trials and tribulations of North Korean defectors, you will be led on a journey and come to experience just how difficult it is for these individuals to obtain the simple every day rights and comforts we all take for granted.

role: Interactive Art Director, Lead Designer

agency: Jam3

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Tweedless is our in house twitter client for the Blackberry Playbook and desktop clients.

When using some other twitter applications, it’s common to have “timeline overload” (people spamming cat pictures, vote for me links, etc) so we thought it would be nice to have a filter that let you read only the tweets from the people you actually wanted to hear from.

A PR snippet for the app: “Have you yearned for a quick way to see tweets only from specific users, read tweets with just links, videos or photos? What PVR did for TV, Tweedless will do for twitter. Tweedless for the Blackberry Playbook introduces game changing tools called ‘filters’ which make it easier to read the tweets that matter to you most”.

role: Interactive Art Director, Lead Designer

agency: Jam3

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Johnny Hollow & Scuttlebuggery

Few websites in the history of the interactive web are more memorable than the first version of Needless to say, redesigning it was no small thing.

For version 2.0, a 10 level game was encased in an otherwise mysterious shell site, full of insects and odd steampunkery. Through design cues, the user was lured into taking control of the creature that sat, rumbling idly.

Navigating it through an entrance through the top of the interface, you would stumble upon “Scuttlebuggery” – A dark machine with a twisted, tin can operator who forced you to collect liquids to fuel his nefarious contraption; all of this to the tune of Johnny Hollow’s music of course.

Can’t fuel the machine before the song runs out? Well… visit the archived link above and find out what happens for yourself.

People who finished the game (I’m pretty sure only about 15 of those people exist) were rewarded with passwords that unlocked goodies back on the main interface.

With 10 gigantic levels, two sites, interface, game and character design; this stands as the most intense project I’ve worked on.

role: Interactive Art Director, Lead Designer

agency: mypetskeleton

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CD Package design for the metal band “Dreadnaut”

I’ve known these guys for some time and was thrilled when I was approached to handle their latest albums packaging design.

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The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow

Video at the bottom of this post.

An image that tells an entire story, THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW centers on a single photograph that dates back to the early 1930s.

As the camera begins to investigate the particulars of the photo, however, it reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of murder, kidnapping and sacrifice captured in a haunting moment.

Working with Vincent Marcone, I was responsible for the design of all of the visual assets seen in the short film (Including poster design).

By the end of this project I gained an intimate knowledge of how trees grow.

Official selection of over 50 International Film Festivals as well as a Genie Nomination.

role: lead designer

agency: mypetskeleton, rue-morgue

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Official apparel created for the band Avenged Sevenfold.

I based this shirt on their track “The Beast and the Harlot”.

Using their iconic skull and logotype I created a crest with some attractive, un-dead females quite possibly having just come out of a bath in hell.

The initial design was done with brush tip markers on paper, scanned then finally retouched and polished with photoshop.

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Insect Music (Archived version)

A website created for the Californian industrial band “Insect” back in 2007.

role: Art Direction, Design, Animation & Flash Development

agency: mypetskeleton

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Official apparel for HIM

Part of a series of 3 shirts designed for a HIM tour, this shirt was my favourite and represented the Finnish god Vammatar:

“Vammatar is the Finnish goddess of pain, disease, and/or suffering (other versions have her as more actively negative, the goddess of evil and misfortune).”

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Site no longer online

Site created for the side project of Dave Ogilvy (Skinny Puppy).

To my knowledge, this is one of (if not) the first flash sites to have a hidden game mechanism to unlock special content.

This site was a landmark for me as it earned me my first FWA.

role: Art Direction, Design, Animation & Flash development.

agency: mypetskeleton

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Personal illustration.

Created as a realistic painting test in an afternoon in Photoshop.

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Official apparel for Insect.

Shirts are now sold out and no longer available.

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Personal illustration inspired by the pollutant induced unraveling of our DNA.

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