In November of 2011, We at Jam3 decided to throw a massive gallery/drinkfest in celebration of the collaboration between us and Dean West.

The result was a photography exhibition of our agency process, hence the name.

With Dean West providing insanely detailed, incredibly large and extremely entertaining interpretations of our process, I was responsible for art directing and designing two interactive visualizations in addition to making sure the overall party was on brand.

Placards, whiskey menus and invites were designed.

A Kinect body/limb tracking application that induced spontaneous crowd dancing was designed and executed on a huge rear projection screen.

An audio reactive and completely generative fractal visualizer was enjoyed thoroughly by the dj and his magic filter (Wooooooosh!)

…and the worst hangover I have ever experienced was endured. (Thanks Glenmorangie!)

role: Art Direction, Lead Designer

agency: Jam3.

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