Online portfolio/experience and identity for the immensely talented and world renowned photographer Dean West.

The chance to work on a site with content as incredibly stunning as this comes very, very seldomly. Based on the fact that the photography to be exhibited
was of such high caliber, the decision was made to instead focus on creating a shell in which to contain and properly compliment the photography without getting in the way or overpowering it.

Branding cues were added along with meticulously animated yet subtle effects, rounded off by a new and playful spin on the grid system.

The reaction to this site was overwhelming – with features in Adobe’s the Edge of Flash, .net magazines best flash sites of 2011 and the gamut of online awards portals including theFWA.

I’ll end with an excerpt from Rob Ford of theFWA – “I have always been a big fan of photography portfolio sites, and we have seen so many of them over the years. There’s a new wave of fairly nice HMTL5 photography portfolios coming through, but this site for award-winning photographer Dean West shows us just how much Flash technology has to offer in delivering a highly impactful and unforgettable portfolio. With stunning transitions and full-size photography, this has to be one of the best photography portfolios I have seen in several years.”

role: Interactive Art Director & Lead Designer

agency: Jam3 /

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