I’ve been an avid user of Beatport for many years and had dreamed many times of redesigning it. When Teehan+Lax approached us with the request of art direction and high end design help on the new, shiny – I became excited.

The old flash version (while having served its purpose amicably for nearly a decade) was in need of a serious update.

Done over the intense period of just over a month, there was a lot of ground to cover. In addition to the design of the rest of the site (With John, Nelson and Jon of Teehan+Lax), my main focus was on the redesign of the player and the overall function/design of a new Beatport endeavor: the DJ Profile. (which was very recently rolled out with a beta system to world class dj’s)

The launch of the new site was met with a very positive response from their userbase as well as that of the general online music community.

While browsing their infinite back catalogues, I still find myself going “Holy F$#k, I worked on all of this” – and I couldn’t be happier.

role: Interactive Art Direction, Design

Agency: Jam3, Teehan+Lax

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