I created this shirt as a prize/incentive for The Defector’s Kickstarter campaign – Ann Shin’s upcoming documentary on the trials and tribulations of those risking their lives to escape from North Korea in pursuit of a better life.

In the event that the campaign was successful (Which it was! Congrats Ann!) people who had donated over $50 would receive one of three designer shirts done by 3 different artists, one of which being myself.

The shirt was my representation of the now deceased and incessantly mocked Kim Jong Il. I felt while most artists enjoyed making light of his atrocities (via caricatures and funny tumblr’s of him dropping the bass) I wanted to create a piece that exposed what I believed to be his true nature – An incredibly twisted and brutal dictator with no regard for the lives of his people or anyone else for that matter.

This was experimental for me as I had never played around with discharge or heat transfer printing – Overall I’m extremely happy with the results.

Should you be interested in purchasing one of these, all proceeds minus material and printing cost will be donated to appropriate organizations supporting North Korean defectors. They are $50 a shirt, contact me if you’d like one.

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