Alvin Risk (signed to Steve Aoki’s DIMMAK and Skrillex’s OWSLA – also known as telemetrik) first came on my radar a couple of years back due to a random soundcloud find.

We became internet friends and eventually ended up hanging out and talking about stage visuals (What else?) at one of his recent Toronto shows.

Since then, I’ve acted as the general overseer of art and tech for his on stage visuals, as well as contributed design work to his latest EP “Psychotic”.

The overarching idea was to create a turn-key type of system that removed the need and subsequent cost of travelling with a lighting/vj crew.

The first iteration came in early January with the help of Scott Chimliewski at Digital Media Designs. A High End software Catalyst system was rapidly implemented for Alvin’s recent string of shows on the Deadmeat tour in support of Steve Aoki and Datsik. An hour of content was created, midi synced and triggered by an Ableton rig, then run through a mega-bright 8×4-panel transparent LED wall – the results of which you can see in the videos to your left.

A system powered by touchdesigner is currently under development and will be implemented for a very large European tour later this year. It will be awesome.

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