First in a series of 3 very limited shirts in my “Talisman” series.

Most “designer” clothing is created today with very little regard for the quality, exhibits an overall lack of thought weighed against the repercussions of it’s creation, and most importantly – no meaning.

I’m an avid consumer of all things ancient and draw a lot of inspiration from the mysticism and rituals of old.

“…To the Pythagoreans, the point and circle represented eternity, whose “centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.” The point and the circle can be expressed as the same substance as potential (the point or monad) and as fully manifest (the circle.) Alchemically, the point in the circle represents the sun and philosophic gold.

The alchemical/magical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, symbolizing downward flow. The downward pointing triangle is an ancient symbol of femininity”

I’ve combined the circumpunct at the inverted triangle to create my own sigil of balance, manifested via a heat transfer print on 100% Canadian cotton shirt that has been carefully manufactured by a Canadian fashion designer.

Initial illustration rendered with pencil, brush tip & krink markers then scanned and retouched/colored in photoshop.

More info on these soon.

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