Johnny Hollow & Scuttlebuggery

Few websites in the history of the interactive web are more memorable than the first version of Needless to say, redesigning it was no small thing.

For version 2.0, a 10 level game was encased in an otherwise mysterious shell site, full of insects and odd steampunkery. Through design cues, the user was lured into taking control of the creature that sat, rumbling idly.

Navigating it through an entrance through the top of the interface, you would stumble upon “Scuttlebuggery” – A dark machine with a twisted, tin can operator who forced you to collect liquids to fuel his nefarious contraption; all of this to the tune of Johnny Hollow’s music of course.

Can’t fuel the machine before the song runs out? Well… visit the archived link above and find out what happens for yourself.

People who finished the game (I’m pretty sure only about 15 of those people exist) were rewarded with passwords that unlocked goodies back on the main interface.

With 10 gigantic levels, two sites, interface, game and character design; this stands as the most intense project I’ve worked on.

role: Interactive Art Director, Lead Designer

agency: mypetskeleton

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